Electronic Brochures

Catalogs sell products. But it's an Electronic Brochure that sells you or your company. The Internet is the newest, latest and perhaps the greatest publicity tool for businesses today. Your Electronic Brochure will never become dated nor grow stale.

A custom interactive brochure is very cost effective and can be updated regularly. It can contain quicktime movies, graphics and photos. In other words, the very sights and sounds of your company. We will work with you to put your Electronic Brochure in a dynamic and effective format. Your brochure, because of the Internet, will make you and your company a global player in the arena of international business. Do you own a restaurant, theatre, hotel, bed & breakfast? You can receive inquiries and reservations from near and far.

Remember, with ALIM.COM, you will have a worldwide 24-hour a day presence. Let ALIM.COM be your Web Site Server.


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